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The testing process on our brand new powerful industrial vacuum cleaners for our gutter cleaning tools

GVS will very soon be bringing out our brand new high powered industrial vacuums to complement our gutter cleaning tools. At present these new industrial vacuum cleaners are undergoing a fully comprehensive inspection to ensure both safety and quality of the vacuums.

The machines are all CE approved but we are going beyond this and also having an independent company carrying out their own testing to ensure that the quality is 100%.

Our new machines are going to be available in both AV3000 watt and AV3600 watt so will be ideal for gutter cleaning.

Below are some images taken during the testing process.

industrial vacuum cleaners ready to be shipped industrial hover image of outer packaging industrial 3 motor 3000 watt vacuum cleaner gutter cleaning tools industrial vacuum cleaner motors 3600 watt gutter vacuum motor gutter cleaning tools industrial hovers being weighed power testing or industrial vacuum cleaners earth testing for safety of industrial vacuum cleaners industrial vacuum cleaner tipping trolley for ease of emptying cable pull test of industrial vacuum cleaners industrial vacuum cleaner testing process power lead measurement

As you can see these machines have gone through some very extensive testing to ensure safety and quality. If you look in the background of these images you will see lots of our machines in pieces this shows how thorough the testing process is.

From our order we have taken 10% of the order and they have gone through the testing process this allows us to make small changes to get the product to 100% satisfaction so our customers get a quality machine.

Here at GVS we look forward to launching these brand new industrial vacuum cleaners very soon.

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