Q&A on Cleaning Gutters

Why is gutter cleaning vital to property maintenance?

Cleaning the insides of gutters may not rank high for home maintenance for some, but regular upkeep is essential. Gutters are designed to allow the rainfall to drain away from the roof and be guided away from the building preventing potential damage to the interior and the structure. When the gutters are allowed to clog with debris, they can result in expensive repairs to the homeowner and that is why this type of maintenance is essential.


How do those gutters get blocked?

All sorts of natural vegetation including leaves, moss, grass, and other debris builds up every year. The wind blows the leaves onto roofs which fall and collect inside of the gutters. When wet these leaves can stick to the inside of the gutters, thus creating blockages in corners and down pipes.

This periodically becomes the perfect breeding ground for wind blown or bird dropped seeds, moss and weeds begin to grow and when left they can take hold of your gutters and block the natural flow of water in the guttering system causing an overflow.

This is why it is vital to keep your gutters in a good clear state ahead of the winter months to avoid any damage caused by snow or ice.

It is critical that gutters are in good health for the winter to ensure water is free flowing to prevent damage by snow and ice build-up.


Why does moss grow some properties?

We are all aware that moss grows in damp environments and typically in the shade. Trees which overhang properties or those which are north facing receive less daylight and therefore are prone to moss. Moss grows and holds onto water which means your roof is unable to dry. That therein becomes problematic over time as the damp environment over time, the constant damp caused by moss can seeps through the tiles and roof thus the damage begins. This moss becomes problematic also when it becomes loose and falls into the gutters.


How do the blocked gutters cause property damage?

When gutters become clogged with natural debris such as leaves and moss, the rain water is unable to flow. When this begins to overflow, the property owner runs the costly risk of property damage such as to walls, windows, fascia boards, ceilings, and damage to the foundations. These types of damages cause mould spores and dampness within the home.

Whichever gutter type the property has, maintaining the gutters regularly to ensure they are free of any debris will save on those costly repairs. cast iron, pressed steel or plastic gutters it is essential that these are maintained and regularly checked to ensure water is free flowing and clear of debris.


How do I clear the gutters?

If your gutters are overflowing, leaking or is there is proof that water has run down the exterior of the building, it’s highly likely there is a blockage.

Contacting your local gutter cleaning professional they can run a quick inspection for you using the Gutter Vacuum System’s Inspection Camera Kits to determine if there is a blockage and if so, can clear the gutters for you safely from the ground.

Using innovative industrial vacuums and series of poles from Gutter Vacuum System’s, professional gutter cleaning becomes safe and effective. With a one person operative, these systems can efficiently clear gutters safely from the ground up to 40ft. This means that they can reach into tricky gutter areas previously inaccessible with ladders such as over conservatories or garages.

The Gutter Vacuum Systems’ range proudly boasts a variety of powerful wet and dry vacuums with both 100% carbon fibre poles, the lightest 1.2m aluminium gutter cleaning poles on the market and the world’s lightest 1.5m aluminium poles.


When should I have my gutters cleared?

Well this all depends on the property type. If you are surrounded by overhanging trees or the roof is prone to moss, it would be a good idea to have these checked regularly to ensure no blockages are building up. Autumn is advisable and again in spring so they are nice and clear.

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A Risk Assessment ensures the health and safety of workers and those around planned works. Are you aware that these are a legal requirement for employers and certain self-employed people?

The interpretation of a risk assessment is a systematic process of establishing hazards and evaluating the associated risks within a workplace, then enforcing reasonable control measures to remove or reduce them.

When completing a risk assessment, it is essential to precisely define some keywords:

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You will find two formats of a Risk Assessment here to help you
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