GVS 3000w Triple Motor 80L Vacuum

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3000 Watt GVS Carbon Fibre Gutter Vacuum Cleaning System – Revamped!

Our 3000 watt GVS vacuum is a trusted great performing wet and dry vacuum cleaner that does exactly what you need it to do.

This machine has featured heavily in our videos where we have demonstrated how to upgrade the inlets to cyclonics. The machines have a factory standard airflow of 106 Lps / 6360Lpm. We have used in the videos an anemometer to test the airflow on this as a 38mm where approximately 3000cfm was achieved. After upgrading to the cyclonic entry, the anemometer displayed over 7000cfm thus not only reducing your chances of blockages with the larger inlet, but hugely increasing the airflow.

For the above reasons we no longer stock 38mm inlet industrial gutter vacuums. This vacuum with it’s great track record has been given a 2020 facelift. We have done away with the waste pipe which blocked up easily with leaves and debris and we have increased the inlet to the 72mm cast aluminium pull lever inlet.

This gutter cleaning machine is a great upgrade from a small 35L vacuum. The vacuum sits on a tilting tipping trolley for easy emptying which also features locking casters and dismounting clips to remove the drum when required. At a convenient size of 58x58x99cm this vacuum hardly takes up any room in your van.

The vacuum is supplied with 5m of hose though lengths of 10m and 15m are optional. Which length should go for?
Well, most residentials prefer a 5m hose for convenience. For those who clean larger properties and do not want to have to move the vac as often 10m is popular. 15m is preferred for industrial and large units where you wouldn’t want to move the vacuum as much.

This 3000w triple motor wet and dry vacuum can be run efficiently from mains power and we do recommend where no electricity can be accessed, a generator  with a minimum of 5kva should be used.

Maintaining your gutter vacuum is very easy and regular cleans will always keep your tools in tip top condition.

Inside your gutter vacuum is a removable, washable cloth basket filter. We recommend on dry dusty gutters to keep this filter in to protect your motor head from fine particles.  When the gutters are typically wet and full of water, slurry, sloppy leaves or wet vegetation, we suggest taking the cloth filter basket out. The wet sludgy matter will clog up the filter material reducing your suction performance. Cleaning this cloth filter basket is very simple, you can wash with a low pressure jet wash. Always make sure it has been air dried prior to reusing.

  • Heavy Duty Full Steel Trolley
  • 80 Litre Capacity
  • Triple Motors 3000w
  • 106Lps Air Flow / 6360Lpm (factory standard prior to upgrade)
  • 100″ Water lift
  • Wet & Dry sucks Liquids And Solids From Gutters With Ease
  • 58cm x 58cm x 99cm
  • Weighs 25kg
  • 76Db
  • No Bag is Required
  • Supplied With 5 Meter Vacuum Hose
  • One Man Operation
  • No Mess
  • Fast And Easy To Assemble
  • Add An Extra Service To Your Existing Business
  • Cleans Quickly And Easily
  • Camera/Video also Available
  • Work Safely From The Ground

Not sure which poles to use with this machine?
It really is down to personal preference. Both types of poles have their place on the market.
The 100% carbon fibre is light at 360g per 1.5m length and is a thicker pole than many others offering you the quality, durability and strength to complete your cleans. Carbon does take more looking after than aluminium but with regular cleaning maintenance this isn’t an issue.

The aluminium we sell is the lightest 1.2m aluminium on the market weighing 500g. They are rigid, you can be a little more heavy handed with aluminium, really stabbing at that tough vegetation. Though we sell kits to 40ft we do know of customers who work to 60ft heights with the aluminium.

Both pole kits are 51mm diameter so that you can take larger solids from the gutter into your vacuum.


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