Aerospace Aluminium Rigid Neck Kit

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The carbon rigid neck kit for your aerospace aluminium poles!

The aluminium clamped rigid neck means you too can now benefit from the extra support and rigidity of a carbon fibre rigid neck.

Utilising the clamped GVS lightweight aerospace aluminium singular pole section, this smoothly slots into your current aluminium pole kit allowing you to switch from your silicone neck to the carbon rigid with its very own nozzle range. This rigidity will assist you on the harder stubborn tufts without the flexi movement of silicone.

 Time Saving Quick Interlock
No Overpushing
Quick Release Mechanism
Carbon Fibre Rigid neck
Three 51mm Aerospace Aluminium Nozzles weighing 100g each engineered specifically for the carbon neck
Everyday dirt breaker – for general use and agitation
GVS Gulper – our game changing nozzle – designed to allow for air circulation and to clear debris without sticking to the gutters
Crevice – access those narrow gutters that are restricted by overhanging tiles

The Gutter Vacuum Systems’ aerospace aluminium poles are the lightest on the market at 500g per 1.2m section. We do not advise mixing these with other weights and grades of aluminium as this could compromise the strength of the pole.