Clamped Carbon Fibre Pole Kits with Carbon Fibre Rigid Neck

From 2021 our 1.5m clamped carbon fibre gutter vacuum poles offer you the strength and durability that you have been seeking in a 51mm diameter carbon fibre pole!


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From 2021 our 1.5m clamped carbon fibre, 51mm diameter gutter vacuum poles offer you the strength and durability that you have been seeking in a carbon fibre pole!

Extensively field tested and engineered specifically with you and heavy gutter clears in mind, our new poles feature a deeper reinforced ring, a quick release clamp mechanism and an internal stop barrier to prevent any over-pushing together of poles when onsite.

 Time Saving Quick Interlock

No Overpushing

Reinforced Ring

Quick Release Mechanism

Customised Height Reach

Unique Angle Carbon Fibre Rigid Neck

Three Exclusive Rigid Neck Nozzles

We have especially designed our new Carbon Fibre Rigid Neck to allow you to access gutters at more angles than ever before without the need for extra neck attachments. The rigid neck has it’s very own trio of nozzles which when inserted give you optimum control over the allowance of length for your gutter reach. The three nozzles are made from our aerospace aluminium weighing only 100g each!  Field tested for months the rigid neck offers an extension of grip and force allowing you to control the stubborn debris for an easier removal at height.

Everyday dirt breaker – for general use and agitation

GVS Gulper – our game changing nozzle – designed to allow for air circulation and to clear debris without sticking to the gutters

Crevice – access those narrow gutters that are restricted by overhanging tiles

From 20ft to 40ft, the new clamped carbon fibre kits are compatible with all of our 51mm hose cyclonic systems.

Each pole is 1.5m in length, 100% carbon fibre and weighs 430g making these one of the strongest carbon fibre gutter vacuum poles on the market!

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