GVS 3000 and GVS 3600 Cloth Filter

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The GVS cloth filter is designed to protect your GVS triple motors by avoiding dusty particles from entering into your gutter vacuum head and potentially causing damage to the motor.

The use of this  filter  should be kept for dry use, typically when we haven’t had rain and the gutters are dry. You can remove this filter when the gutters are wet as your float valve is protected by the plastic surround.

To really optimise the lifespan of your cloth filter, at the end of your work day you can clean this by either vacuuming, brushing or washing with a hose (not a high powered jet wash) and allowing to dry overnight.

Please ensure the cloth filter is fully dry prior to the next dry use.

Please note this will fit the GVS 3000 and GVS 3600 machines.
Depth 37cm.

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Weight 1 kg

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