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GVS 3000w Gutter Vacuum with Lightweight Aerospace Aluminium Pole kit


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20ft to 40ft Reach Triple Motor Gutter Vacuum with Lightweight Aerospace Aluminium.

Our 3000 watt triple motor GVS vacuum is a trusted, powerful wet and dry industrial gutter vacuum that does exactly what you need it to do from 20ft to 40ft across residential and commercial properties by exterior cleaning specialists. Our extensive experience in the industry has seen us take our reliable workhorse of a machine and revamp it into an even better one for you!


Full steel tilting trolley

Locking castors

Huge 72mm cyclonic inlet decreasing your chance of blockages and increasing your airflow movement

51mm diameter hose

The lightest aerospace aluminium gutter vacuum poles in the industry at ONLY 500g each section!

Three gutter clearing attachments for your every day gutter clears.

By activating the GVS motors individually, you choose the power you require for the task in order to vacuum out  the variety of debris from dry moss, light leaves, packed wet leaves, wet moss, pine needles right up to the stubborn gardens growing out of a property’s gutters.

Our 3000 watt GVS vacuum is a trusted great performing, entry level industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner that does exactly what you need it to do from 20ft to 40ft.

This gutter cleaning machine is a great upgrade from a small 35L vacuum allowing you to move onto commercial clears above three storey. The vacuum sits on a tilting tipping trolley for easy emptying which also features locking casters and dismounting clips to remove the drum when required. At a convenient size of 58x58x99cm this vacuum hardly takes up any room in your van.

This 3000w triple motor wet and dry vacuum can be run efficiently from mains power and we do recommend where no electricity can be accessed, a generator  with a minimum of 5kva should be used.

Maintaining your gutter vacuum is very easy and regular cleans will always keep your tools in tip top condition.

Inside your gutter vacuum is a removable, washable cloth filter and basket. We recommend on dry dusty gutters to keep this filter in to protect your motor head from fine particles.  When the gutters are typically wet and full of water, slurry, sloppy leaves or wet vegetation, we suggest taking the cloth filter out. The wet sludgy matter will clog up the filter material reducing your suction performance. Cleaning this cloth filter is very simple, you can wash with a low pressure jet wash. Always make sure it has been air dried prior to reusing.

  • Heavy Duty Full Steel Trolley
  • 80 Litre Capacity
  • Triple Motors 3000w
  • 106Lps Air Flow / 6360Lpm (Factory standard prior to cyclonic upgrade)
  • 100″ Water lift
  • Wet & Dry sucks Liquids And Solids From Gutters With Ease
  • 58cm x 58cm x 99cm
  • Weighs 25kg
  • No Bag is Required
  • Supplied With 5 Meter Vacuum Hose
  • One Man Operation
  • No Mess
  • Fast And Easy To Assemble
  • Add An Extra Service To Your Existing Business
  • Cleans Quickly And Easily
  • Camera/Video also Available
  • Work Safely From The Ground

This machine has featured heavily in our videos where we have demonstrated how to upgrade the inlets to cyclonics. The machines have a factory standard airflow of 106 Lps / 6360Lpm. We have used in the videos an anemometer to test the airflow on this as a 38mm where approximately 3000cfm was achieved. After upgrading to the cyclonic entry, the anemometer displayed over 7000cfm thus not only reducing your chances of blockages with the larger inlet, but hugely increasing the airflow.

For the above reasons we no longer stock 38mm inlet industrial gutter vacuums. This vacuum with it’s great track record was given a 2020 facelift.

This package is supplied with our lightweight aerospace aluminium pole kit starting from 20ft and up to 40ft.


The aluminium pole kit comes with an assortment of accessories for you including:


  • 1.2m Tapered poles each in weighing only 500g per section4 (20ft / 6m standard residential with no conservatory reach)6 (28ft / 8.4m standard residential with conservatory reach and town houses)7 (32ft / 9.6m standard residentials, town houses, some three storey)8 (36ft / 10.8m standard residentials, town houses, three storey)9 (40ft / 12m standard residentials, town houses, three storey, four storey)
  • 1 x 1.2m Base completely straight pole for your hose cuff to attach to
  • Quick release clamps (For the number of poles you select you will receive one less clamp than poles in your kit)
  • 1 x Silicon 135 degree swan neck
  • 1 x Silicon quick release securing nozzle clamp
  • 1 x 35 degree Dirt breaker nozzle
  • 1 x Crevice nozzle
  • 1 x Unique GVS Gulper nozzle
  • 1 x Hose cuff
  • Instructions on pole assembly and maintenance

The Gutter Vacuum Systems’ aluminium poles are the lightest 1.2m aluminium gutter cleaning pole on the market. We have had these especially produced for you to keep the poles light and robust, meaning you can be a little tougher on stubborn gutters with more rigidity than the carbon fibre. You can achieve the reach you need easily with additional poles and secure quick release clamps.

Whether you are upgrading your equipment, adding an extra service and revenue stream to your business or you are looking for a fantastic package that offers you the set up you need, the GVS 3000 gives you that reassurance that not only you are no longer putting yourself or possibly others at risk with ladders.

Price includes VAT and pallet delivery to mainland UK.

For shipping to Ireland and beyond, please email [email protected] with your address for a quotation.


These wet and dry vacuums suck liquids and solids from gutters with ease.

The larger inlet on our systems allows for the advantage of the 51mm diameter to run from the nozzle, poles and through the hose and into your vacuum. This preferred feature reduces the chances of blockages repeatedly found from smaller systems which struggle with larger objects such as moss, some broken pointing, roof tiles, and other vegetation. No bag is required, the debris enters drum at speed, circumnavigating inside and falling to the bottom evenly distributed.

The vacuum is supplied with a minimum of 5m hose. Only one operative is required to set up, use and dismantle. It’s a quick and easy set up which adds the extra service and revenue stream to your business. There is no mess as the contents are within your drum.  This system means you are no longer putting yourself or your staff at risk going up and down ladders and you can work safely from the ground.


Who buys our equipment?

Professional gutter cleaners and window cleaners are by far our most popular customers purchasing our equipment. Some choose to add an additional service to their already established window cleaning business, others choose to simply eliminate ladders and work safely from the ground.

Additionally, we sell our equipment to property management and facility maintenance companies, roofers, handymen, estate agents, schools, hospitals and cleaning contractors all over the UK and internationally too.

In fact, our gutter vacuum cleaning systems and accessories are a fantastic addition to many business types. So whether you are starting out in the gutter cleaning industry or looking to expand your range of cleaning services thus increasing your revenue this entry level industrial suits many businesses.

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