1400w Panther – 72mm Heavy Duty Cyclonic Inlet, 5m 51mm Hose & 51mm Hose Cuff

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GVS Panther Gutter Cleaning Vacuum

Sleek, powerful, robust and cyclonic, this 37L wet and dry vacuum certainly packs more than a mighty powerful punch for it’s size.

The Panther’s lightweight polypropylene drum and compact frame is perfect for your everyday residentials, town houses and third storey gutter clears.

With its 1400w motor it also features a large heavy duty 72mm cyclonic inlet thus massively increasing the original airflow performance, not only making the Panther work more efficiently but also benefits from less blockages with solids on site.

Weighing just 12kg the Panther is so compact and light it easily fits into your car or small van, perfect for those with limited space. Unlike many other compact machines, the Panther sits on a 40cm x 40xcm steel frame with castors. Along with its 1400w motor, the Panther has an impressive 94″ water lift and a basic 3540Lpm airflow prior to its cyclonic upgrade.

This machine is supplied with 5m of 51mm smooth bore wire reinforced hose plus a hose cuff to use with your 51mm  poles.

The filters are unlike any other compact gutter vacuum.  You can choose either from either a cloth filter or a HEPA cartridge filter for your vacuum, these filters are to be used on dry dusty gutters – protecting your motors from fine particles. And the Panther comes with a blue foam filter which sits over the float valve preventing blockages from trapping the float valve.

The blue foam filter can be rinsed under soapy water. The cloth filter hosed down and the HEPA can be vacuumed or rinsed under a hose, these two filters must be fully dry prior to next dry use.

The inlet and hose connector must be kept free of grit to prevent early deterioration, keeping these clean as apart of your maintenance is essential.

1400w motor
Waterlift mmH20 2400 – 94″
Airflow m3/h 215mm (as a factory standard 38mm) 3540Lpm (Cyclonic verification to come soon)
37L drum
60 Db
40cm x 40cm x 75cm
Weighs only 12kg

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Weight 15 kg