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LadderM8rix Ladder Accessory

Stock update – unfortunately the Ladder M8Rix range is now out of stock, this is due to high raw materials costs and the range will be unavailable until further notice.  We will advertise on our Instagram and Facebook if and when this is back in stock.


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Additional Information

The LadderM8rix Professional ladder accessory helps to reduce ladder slippage and can be used on many exterior surfaces such as grass, oily concrete, tarmac, decking, snow and even solid ice. The reason it boasts that it can go on all these surfaces is because of the unique pin base that engages the surface.

The Professional has a rubber anti-slip top where the ladder feet are placed with a metal spiked base to help grip on surfaces. This model also comes complete with and standard carry case.  For outdoor use only.

The Industrial has a metal spiked top and metal spiked base.

L: 575 mm W: 380 mm D: 55 mm. Weight 5.5 kg (with packaging).

We know our gutter vacuum systems can help you clear gutters safely from the ground, but they can’t repair seals and leaks. If you do need to use your ladders, we want to keep you safer for longer.

Ladder safety

The LadderM8rix ladder accessory is designed to help reduce ladder slippage and therefore make working at height on ladders both easier and safer. The LadderM8rix range helps to reduce ladder slippage on surfaces as challenging as wet wood, oily/wet concrete, grass, oil on top of wet wood and even on solid ice.

Ladder Health and Safety

Ladder health and safety is relevant in all businesses and industries. Whether you are an employer or are self employed,  you are responsible for the health and safety when using a ladder – if you use a ladder, think ladder safety!

  • Set up the ladder as per the ‘HSE Safe use of Ladders and Stepladders’ guide & the ‘Working at Height Act’.
  • Place the LadderM8rix onto the surface, ensuring that the product has gripped the surface.
  • Place the feet of the ladder against the wall of the product.
  • Make sure you have placed the LadderM8rix at a position which allows the ladder to be placed at an angle of 1 in 4.


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