Panther Drum with 72mm Inlet

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Panther Drum with 72mm Inlet

Looking to upgrade your front entry Panther or 51mm cyclonic entry Panther to a 72mm without having to modify the drum yourself?

Benefitting from our 72mm cyclonic inlet  not only virtually eliminates blockages at the inlet, but also allows you to use any of our 51mm universal, wire reinforced or hi-vis hose and the plus side is you do not need to make any adaptions to the drum yourself!

You also receive the machine end coupling to attach your 51mm hose to the heavy duty cyclonic inlet.

If you have the 44mm front entry system,  you will need to purchase any of the 51mm hose and hose cuff.

Please note for the wire reinforced hose you will require the ‘wire reinforced hose cuff’.

For the black universal or the hi-vis hose, you will require the ‘universal hose cuff’.

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