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Heavy Duty Titanex Extension Cable (13 Amp, 25m)

Heavy Duty Titanex Extension Cable (13 Amp, 25m) is ideal for running your Shadow,  GVS-36 or Predator gutter vacuums.

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Additional Information

The 2.5mm cable is a superior quality industrial, insulated cable within a flexible outer sheath.

This cable itself is:

  • Oil resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Ultra-violet ray resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Flame retardant.

Fitted with plug and socket. Temperature range -20 to + 100 deg Tough rubber flexible cable 3 core 2.5mm 25m length Plug: 1 x 13A / 230V Tough Plug Socket: 1 x 13A / 230V Not for submersing in water or use in heavy rain.

This heavy duty industrial extension cable is thicker (2.5mm) than standard extension cables (1.25mm).

You must ALWAYS FULLY uncoil the cable when in use.

Using the cable coiled will reduce draw to a maximum 5a 1200w instead of the 3120w maximum unwound. This can result in blown fuses, melting cable, hot socket and worst case a fire.

Please ensure plug pins are clean and free of contamination before inserting into the socket.

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