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Due to an extraordinary high influx of sales on our reopening on the 5th January, we regret to inform you that our popular lightweight aerospace aluminium poles are now out of stock.
There has been an unfortunate situation in transit which has caused delays so at this moment in time, we are unable to provide an ETA for January. We will update you with news on our aluminium as soon as we are aware.
We apologise for this inconvenience and hope to be restocked as soon as possible for you.
We do have a small limited amount of carbon fibre in stock, we are expecting our larger arrival along with our brand new carbon fibre poles to be with us in February.


Gutter Vacuum Systems is a manufacturer and supplier of leading gutter vacuum equipment.
We provide you with powerful and professional gutter cleaning machines for vacuuming blockages from gutters aided by robust and lightweight series of poles and the best accessories  to help you with every single gutter clearing task.Through our tabs you will find our extremely powerful and simple to use pioneering gutter cleaning systems and accessories. We have a wide range of innovative products created with our experience from complete gutter vacuum systems, aluminium pole sets, carbon fibre kits plus all the accessories you may need to get you started or upgrade your current systems.Our leading gutter vacuum equipment is a great addition to many business types whether you are starting out in the cleaning industry, or looking to expand your range of cleaning services and increase your revenue.

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If you would like to view the technical specs of our gutter vacuums, please view this link: GUTTER VAC OVERVIEW


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