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Gutter Vacuum Systems and Pole Kit Packages

With our extensive years of first hand experience cleaning domestic, commercial and industrial gutters by all known methods, we have revolutionised the procedure of safe gutter clearing from the ground.

Having engineered and tailor made our range of powerful gutter vacuum systems and pole kits for all budgets and sizes, you can feel confident in clearing gutters of blockages from various angles increasing your earning potential.

All of our powerful gutter vacuum systems feature a 72mm cyclonic inlet virtually eliminating those time wasting blockages. We have developed our aerospace aluminium 1.2m poles to be the lightest in the industry and our trusted, reliable 1.5m, 51mm diameter 100% carbon fibre gutter vacuum poles continue to provide you with the strength and durability required.

So whether you are a looking for a compact gutter vacuum for your own property, choosing to move away from the traditional method of ladders and bucket or upgrading your business with a more powerful high performance system that’s right for you, you can be sure with GVS we have the right equipment for your needs.

Window cleaners are by far our most popular customers purchasing our gutter clearing equipment.  We have also sold our systems to property management companies, firefighters, roofers, handymen, estate agents, schools, hospitals, drainage contractors and other professionals in exterior cleaning looking to provide a safer way of working from the ground.