Gutter Vacuum Single Claw for Carbon Fibre Rigid Neck

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The gutter vacuum aerospace aluminium single claw nozzle fits our carbon fibre rigid neck.

Now and then you may well come across a gutter clear that is more than stubborn and requires a helping hand whilst you remain safe on the ground. Some types of vegetation have roots that have become tough over time and cannot always be separated as easily with the standard gutter clearing tools. And so the single claw is on hand to dig deep and help you rip out turf from height working in unison with the suction of your gutter vacuum. The single claw allows for better angled manoeuvrability over the double, where the double claw will get into more of the weed’s roots.

The uses of these top tools aren’t just for stubborn removals! Gutter hedgehogs can be hoisted out with this mean claw and surface ice in frozen gutters can be chipped away at meaning you don’t have to call back once the gutters have defrosted.

Single Claw 310mm length. Diameter 48.5mm. Weighs only 140g.