Inspection Camera and Mobile Phone Brackets


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Gutter Vacuum Camera & Mobile Phone Brackets

Our secure inspection camera and mobile phone brackets provides you with the peace of mind that your camera is fixed to your silicon swan neck and your phone securely attached to your gutter cleaning pole. The camera bracket attaches to all standard camera fixings with quick release leaver to connect.

This gutter inspection camera bracket not only keeps your camera safe at high level but also acts to keep your choice of nozzle secure too.

Our heavy duty mobile phone bracket fits our gutter cleaning poles and supports your mobile phone securely whilst you clear the gutters.  Featuring a quick connect lever to apply to your pole with ease. The adjustable mechanism allows for phones ranging between 55-95mm in width to be securely held in either portrait or landscape, watch how to adjust your bracket here.

1 x Mobile phone bracket
1 x Camera bracket

The inspection camera and mobile phone brackets are provided in a choice of two sizes to fit our 44mm and 51mm poles, please choose your correct size from the options.

(Phone/Camera NOT INCLUDED)

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