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X-Jet M5 SoftWash

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X-Jet M5 SoftWash

The X-Jet is a leading soft wash cleaning tool which combines flexibility and convenience in a compact design quickly cleaning effortlessly those tough pressure washing jobs.

Unique in its build and design the X-Jet incorporates an adjustable nozzle system enabling you to apply chemicals with a high or low pressure. The nozzle is designed to direct forceful streams of liquid up to 12m / 40 feet in height — perfect for those hard-to-reach areas — and covering a fan pattern of 60° with a distance of 2.5m / 8 feet (pumps specification dependent).

Included is a 15 piece proportioner set, which allows the dilution rate to be altered by simply changing the coloured plastic insert according to the mixture chart included with the kit. This X-Jet is compatible with both our 15Lpm and 21Lpm Tsunami pressure washers.

A revolutionary ball valve within the X-Jet features a state of the art chemically resistant on/off feature making this easier for the operative to rinse off the chemical after applying it and prevents any back-syphoning of chemical when the X-Jet is removed from its lance. The weighted filter and check valve helps prevent leakage into your chemical supply.

Colour Coded Proportioners are provided for precise dilution into your application process, the X-Jet also comes with . These are designed to allow you to adjust your water to an exact mixture ratio depending on what you need, using our included dilution chart. With these Proportioners, you can be sure that you have complete control over the dilution process without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

Overall, The X-Jet is an indispensable tool for anyone in need of uniform application and dilution standards for their cleaning needs. Whether you’re in the agricultural, industrial or home care fields– get ready for performance beyond expectation with The X-Jet!

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