Additional Scraper Blades and Brush Attachments


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Additional stainless steel, nylon blades and brushes to add to your GVS Roof Scraper Head for when you require one for another job.

Scraping moss from roofs using one of our blades from our 200mm and 300mm range securely fitted with our quick release mechanism or thumbscrew – means you have no other screws or fitments to lose and replace!

Blades are made from 3mm stainless steel or 5mm Nylon.

Our 300mm+ blades comprise of:
Ridge Half Round
Redland Renown
Redland Regent
Redland Grovebury
Redland 50
Flat Nylon
Marley Wessex
Marley Bold Roll
Marley Mendip
Marley Anglia
Marley Double Roman
Sandtoft Double Pantile
Universal Angle Ridge
Redland Delta (340mm)
Redland Caledonian (350mm)

Our 200mm+ blades comprise of:
Flat Nylon
Redland 49 S
Marley Ludlow Plus
Essex Duro
Hip 1/3 (280mm)
Norfolk Pantile
Forticrete Centurion
Redland 52 (255mm)

Our brushes comprise of
Wire Brush Short
Wire Brush Medium
Wire Brush Long

The head is compatible with any wide variety of EU threaded end window cleaning poles so you can scrape from the safety of the ground and also from elevated platforms.

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200mm Flat Nylon, 200mm Flat Stainless, 300mm Flat Nylon, 300mm Flat Stainless, Essex Duro, Forticrete Centurion, Hip 1/3, Marley Anglia, Marley Bold Roll, Marley double roman, Marley Ludlow Plus, Marley Mendip, Marley Wessex, Norfolk Pantile, Polypropylene, Redland 49 S, Redland 50, Redland 52, Redland Caledonian, Redland Delta, Redland Grovebury, Redland Regent, Redland Renown, Ridge Half Round, Sandtoft Double Pantile, Universal Angle Ridge, Wire Brush Long, Wire Brush Medium, Wire Brush Short