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GVS 3600 Watt Gutter Vacuum System with Push Fit Carbon Fibre Poles

Our 3600 watt GVS-36 gutter vacuum is a well trusted, great performing gutter vacuum that does exactly what you need it to do. Pulling no punches with a powerful 10,000 Lpm airflow suction performance and with three motors, you choose the power you need. With our 1.5m length, 100% carbon fibre 51mm diameter, push fit tapered poles weighing just 360g each, you have the lightness, reliability and robustness for those high reach and awkward angle gutter clears, keeping you safe on the ground.


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Additional Information

The GVS-36 has a powerful 10,500Lpm suction performance developed from our years of hands on experience. No plastic inlets and blockage causing reductions in diameter. This makes the GVS-36 a great cost effective system. The GVS-36 sits on a choice of full steel, tilting tipping trolley for easy emptying. Simply remove the head and position safely on the ground then tilt the drum and empty the contents. The trolley has two front locking casters and positional unlocking dismounting clips.  The float valve is provided with a large cloth filter and retaining basket.

The original one handled frame is a convenient size of 58cm(W) x 58cm(W) x 99cm(H), this vacuum hardly takes up any room in your van, it features rear plastic wheels and a low point tipping bar.

The two handled all terrain trolley boasts large rear puncture proof wheels and a mid point tipping bar for easy emptying. This is a larger frame at 54cm(W) x 70cm(W) x 115cm(H).

The GVS-36 is supplied with 51mm diameter, 5m length of universal hose and a 51mm hose cuff, though additional lengths of hose can be conveniently added later using a hose joiner and additional hose cuff for those bigger jobs.

This 3600w triple motor gutter vacuum can run efficiently direct from mains power and we do recommend where no electricity can be accessed, a generator with a minimum of 5.5kva.

Maintaining your gutter vacuum is very easy and regular cleans will always keep your tools in tip top condition.

Inside this gutter vacuum is a removable, washable cloth filter with a retaining basket. We recommend on dry dusty gutters to keep this cloth filter in to protect your motor head from fine dusty particles.  When the gutters are wet, full of slurry, sludge, sloppy leaves or wet vegetation, we advise hosing the filter off on site for retaining suction performance as the wet sludgy matter will clog up the filter material reducing your suction performance. If you do remove the cloth filter you must ensure the float valve is free of muck at all times. The filter is there to protect the float valve on wet application thus protecting your motors.
The cloth filter MUST be fully dry for dry use.

Cleaning this cloth filter is very simple, you can wash with a low pressure jet wash or use a stiff brush when dry. Always make sure it has been air dried prior to reusing.


   Heavy Duty Full Steel Trolley (Please select your choice from the drop down option)

   80 Litre Drum Capacity

   3 x Individual Power 1200w Motors (3600w)

   100″ Water Lift

   10,000 Lpm Airflow


   72mm cyclonic inlet

   Original frame 58cm(W) x 58cm(W) x 99cm(H)

   Two handle frame 54cm(W) x 70cm(W) x 115cm(H)

   Weighs 25kg

   8m Power Cable

  Washable Cloth Filter


   Supplied With 51mm Diameter, 5 Meter Vacuum Hose and 51mm Hose Cuff

See the GVS 3600 in action here on our YouTube video featuring professional exterior cleaning specialists achieving great success with this machine! The video has been compiled from tags received by our customers on our Instagram page.

The 100% carbon fibre tapered push fit pole kit comes with an assortment of accessories for you including:

1.5m poles each weighing only 360g per section
4 (20ft / 6.09m standard residential with no conservatory reach)
5 (25ft / 7.6m standard residential with conservatory reach and town houses)
6 (30ft / 9.1m standard residentials, town houses, some three storey)
7 (35ft / 10.6m standard residentials, town houses, three storey)
8 (40ft / 12.1m standard residentials, town houses, three storey and four storey)

1 x Silicon 135 degree swan neck

1 x Silicon quick release nozzle clamp

1 x 35 degree Dirt breaker nozzle

1 x Crevice nozzle

1 x Unique GVS Gulper nozzle

1 x Large pole bag for securing all poles and accessories.

Additional necks and nozzles can be purchased separately from our Accessories page.

The Gutter Vacuum Systems’ carbon fibre poles are incredibly light and a great alternative to many on the market. They are 100% carbon fibre and not a composite mix. With their 51mm diameter, weighing only 360g per 1.5m each section means they are not only light but strong too.

They are a tapered pole and so interconnect by slotting together with no need for clamps. You can achieve the reach you need easily and with a simple twisting action they are easy to disassemble, the kit includes one base pole.

With this kit you also receive our three gutter cleaning nozzles. A 35 degree nozzle, a restricted access crevice nozzle for those tight gutters and our GVS Gulper nozzle which has been designed to maintain the airflow, effectively breaking up debris at gutter height reducing the need to drop clumps to the ground. And if that wasn’t enough you also get our large carry pole bag too featuring four pockets, a side handle, shoulder strap and long zip.

The pole system itself is very easy to assemble. We recommend after vacuuming wet gutters that you flush your poles by vacuuming water from a bucket or bowl. This helps reduce the chance of residue building up within your poles. And to give them a quick wipe down with a cloth that’s had a light mist of PTFE this helps reduce your poles from sticking after use.

All of our equipment come with a one year manufacturing warranty.

If you would love to see the GVS-36 in action, check out our YouTube video.

Have you thought about generators and extension leads?

Price includes VAT and delivery to mainland UK. Should you require delivery to Ireland or beyond, please email [email protected] for a quotation.

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