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Predator Gutter Vacuum 3600w – Aerospace Aluminium Pro Package


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The ultimate Predator package, the Pro-X All Terrain. Take your Predator across all terrains with the new heavy duty industrial trolley unlike no other!

The Predator Pro-X All Terrain 3600w package includes the immensely powerful, industrial triple motor GVS Predator, our lightweight aerospace aluminium poles at your chosen height, a choice of extension reel, a choice of hose and a great selection of nine amazing nozzles to tackle all types of gutter clears..

With its high-performance and high-capacity drum the Predator is suitable for both wet and dry debris. The massive airflow which is generated by three two stage motors mounted in parallel makes the Predator ideal for high level cleaning.

Our two handled Predator trolley is the very first of its kind. The innovative frame designed and engineered at Gutter Vacuum Systems features a full steel tilt bar, large robust wheels and larger castors than any of our other trolleys. It is designed to tackle all terrain surfaces where the vacuum needs to be moved over uneven ground or other surfaces which demand exceptional durability. With locking casters, the trolley sit’s firmly. The two handled frame makes maneuverability so easy and the drum tilts to allow for easy emptying or it can be dismounted if required.

The individually powered motors can be used as required by the task. With a 95” water lift and up to 10,750Lpm of airflow when all three motors are operating. With a 76L stainless drum and the 72mm inlet, the dry debris enters the drum under the cylindrical deflector ring which promotes the separation of heavier debris thus prolonging the longevity of the high performance HEPA cartridge filter.

Removing the cartridge filter and deflector ring and replacing it with a foam filter quickly converts the Predator from dry to wet use.

White HEPA – dry dusty gutters when we haven’t had rain for a while.

Blue Foam Filter – wet gutters when the leaves and moss are holding on to rainwater.

The Predator Pro-X All Terrain is supplied with 51mm diameter hose, simply choose from wire reinforced, universal or hi-vis crushproof hose.  keeping the intake from the gutter, nozzle, aluminium pole system fluid throughout your system. The hose fits to the cast aluminium inlet, and is secured in place with a spring release for easy connection assuring a lifetime of reliable use in commercial application.

Operating at 68dB (A) the Predator is remarkably quiet for such an incredibly powerful vacuum.

If you aren’t sure which hose or extension reel to use with your Predator, we have a helpful YouTube video that goes through everything in detail. Watch here.

This gutter vacuum system provides you with the efficiency required to tackle removing all kinds of vegetation and debris safely from the ground. Taking in leaves, moss, pine needles and grass with ease. The colossal airflow has earned the Predator the title of “A beast” across many forums.



  3 x 1200 watt motors

  Capacity 76 litres

  179 Lps / 10,750 Lpm Airflow movement

  95” waterlift

  Long power cable

  Practical cable hook

  Fast latching hooks

  Full steel, all terrain tipping trolley

  Chrome plated steel tank

  Independent motors with switches

  Reliable construction for intensive use

  Detachable tank

  Designed for working efficiently and in total safety

  51mm hose

  The frame measures 66cm (D) x 63cm (W) and 111cm (H)

  Weight 29kg

If you are using a generator for this machine, we recommend a minimum of 5.5kva and any of our larger generators on our generator page can be found along with our recommended 2.5mm extension cables.


This package is supplied with our lightweight aerospace aluminium pole kit starting from 20ft and up to 40ft.
The aluminium pole kit comes with an assortment of accessories for you including:

  • 1.2m Tapered poles each in weighing only 500g per section4 (20ft / 6m standard residential with no conservatory reach)6 (28ft / 8.4m standard residential with conservatory reach and town houses)7 (32ft / 9.6m standard residentials, town houses, some three storey)8 (36ft / 10.8m standard residentials, town houses, three storey)9 (40ft / 12m standard residentials, town houses, three storey, four storey)
  • 1 x 1.2m Base completely straight pole for your hose cuff to attach to
  • Quick release clamps (For the number of poles you select you will receive one less clamp than poles in your kit)
  • 1 x Silicon 135 degree swan neck
  • 1 x Silicon quick release nozzle clamp
  • 1 x 35 degree Dirtbreaker nozzle
  • 1 x Crevice nozzle
  • 1 x Unique GVS Gulper nozzle
  • 1 x Hose cuff
  • Instructions on pole assembly and maintenance


The nozzle pack with your Predator PRO package consists of:

  • 310mm x 51mm 35 degree nozzle
  • 310mm x 51mm Crevice nozzle
  • 310mm x 51mm Gulper nozzle
  • 310mm x 51mm FA Crevice Gulper
  • 310mm x 51mm SA Crevice Gulper
  • 500mm x 51mm 35 degree nozzle
  • 500mm x 51mm Crevice nozzle
  • 500mm x 51mm Gulper nozzle
  • 250mm x 51mm Claw nozzle

The crevice nozzles are perfect for those gutters where tiles overhang and are otherwise hard to access with standard nozzles. Our Crevice Gulpers are designed to draw in moss and debris for all angles so that you have a constant airflow and the ability to clear all kinds of debris from gutters aided by the powerful Predator suction.

The Gutter Vacuum Systems’ aluminium poles are the lightest 1.2m aluminium gutter cleaning pole on the market. We have had these produced for you to keep the poles light and robust, meaning you can be a little tougher on stubborn gutters with more rigidity than the carbon fibre. You can achieve the reach you need easily with additional poles and secure quick release clamps.

230V 3600w Draper Industrial Four Socket Cable Reel (25M)

  • Complies with BS1363A and EN61242 Specifications
  • Industrial quality four socket cable reel, 9″ diameter. Attached with a metal frame and easy wind action.
  • Fitted with thermal cut out switch. 2.5mm cable, Maximum load fully unwound 13A, 3600W. Fitted with approved plug.
  • *Maximum load fully unwound 13A, 3600W


230V 3600w Large GVS Heavy Duty Industrial Weatherproof Two Socket Cable Reel (25M) 13A

  • Extension Drum 25m 13 Amp 240 volts 2.5mm
  • Heavy duty plastic drum wired for 13A, with twin 13A sockets.Reel 12″ Diameter Reel Heavy Duty Construction
  • Temperature range -20 to + 100 degTough rubber flexible cable 3 core 2.5mm 25m length
  • Plug: 1 x 13A / 230V Tough Plug
  • Socket Outlets: 2 x 13A / 230V 3P IP44 6h panel sockets mounted on reel – Splashproof
  • Not for submersing in water or use in heavy rain.
  • Thermal Protection: Thermal cutout trip with cover, rated 65 deg C

Always ensure you fully unwind your extension reel when in use.

Price includes VAT and delivery to mainland UK. Should you require delivery to Ireland or beyond, please email [email protected] for a quotation.

Whether you are upgrading your equipment, adding an extra service and revenue stream to your business or you are looking for a fantastic package that offers you the set up you need, the Predator Pro gives you that confident reassurance that not only are you no longer putting yourself or possibly others at risk with ladders.



These wet and dry vacuums suck liquids and solids from gutters with ease.

The larger inlet on our systems allows for the advantage of the 51mm diameter to run from the nozzle, poles and through the hose and into your vacuum. This preferred feature reduces the chances of blockages repeatedly found from smaller systems which struggle with larger objects such as moss, some broken pointing, roof tiles, and other vegetation. No bag is required, the debris enters drum at speed, circumnavigating inside and falling to the bottom evenly distributed.

The vacuum is supplied with a minimum of 5m hose. Only one operative is required to set up, use and dismantle. It’s a quick and easy set up which adds the extra service and revenue stream to your business. There is no mess as the contents are within your drum.  This system means you are no longer putting yourself or your staff at risk going up and down ladders and you can work safely from the ground.



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