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Shadow 3400w Gutter Vacuum – Clamped Carbon Fibre Flexi Neck

The Shadow 3400w gutter vacuum is an extremely powerful mid-range twin motor vac that takes on those big clears competently. It’s compact, it’s powerful, it’s robust and it’s fast.  The Shadow is available here with our durable, trusted clamped 100% carbon fibre poles with the 51mm flexi neck.

Sitting a step behind the Predator, the Shadow is the ultimate 50L. It’s the vac that those with smaller vehicles have been waiting for.


Additional Information

Rivalling some triple motor machines, the Shadow features two individual industrial strength 1700w motors and delivers a huge 8000Lpm airflow. Bringing solids out of the gutter, via the 51mm poles and directly through its huge blockage eliminating cyclonic inlet keeps you or your team safe on the ground.

The Shadow stands upon large multi rotational castors with two lockable front castors and unlike vacs with brittle plastic frames, the Shadow is stable on the solid sturdy steel grab frame. The Shadow also features a HEPA cartridge filter for dry dusty application such as gutters or internal high level cleaning and also a sponge filter for wet gutters.


   2 x 1700 watt motors

   8000 Lpm Airflow movement

   103” water lift

   67 Db

   51mm x 5 metre suction hose

   47cm (w) x 54cm (D) and 89cm (H)

   Combined Head and Drum Weight 25kg

   Long 8.5m power cable

   Capacity 50 litre drum

   Practical cable hook

   Fast latching hooks

   Solid steel frame

   Four multi-rotational castors

   Two large front locking castors

   Chrome plated steel tank

   Independently powered motors with switches

   Designed for working efficiently and in total safety

   You have two easy to use filters and you only need one filter on at a time.


Wet Gutters

The Shadow is supplied with a blue foam filter which sits neatly over the float valve, this prevents solids from stopping the float valve from rising.

This is your filter for when gutters are typically full of soddened moss and leaves over autumn and winter.

To clean, this filter can be gently removed and rinsed with soapy water, it is a foam filter so care is required when removing and placing in situ.

Dry Gutters

The Shadow also has a HEPA cartridge filter (very dry dusty gutters, typically height of summer when the moss is dry and crumbly). The HEPA can be vacuumed, gently brushed or rinsed under a hose, these two filters must be fully dry prior to next dry use.

Your system is supplied with 5m of 51mm universal hose plus a hose cuff to use with your 51mm gutter vacuum poles.

This package is supplied with our clamped, 100%  carbon fibre pole kit starting reaching heights of 20-40ft.


The clamped carbon fibre pole kit features:

   Time Saving Quick Interlock

   Forced Stop – eliminating the risk of over pushing poles

    Reinforced Ring

   Quick Release Mechanism

   Customised Height Reach

   135 Silicone Flexi Neck

   Quick Release Clamp – for securing your nozzle in place

    Everyday Dirt breaker – for general use and agitation

    GVS Gulper – our game changing nozzle – designed to allow for air circulation and to clear debris without sticking to the gutters

   Crevice – access those narrow gutters that are restricted by overhanging tiles


Price includes VAT and pallet delivery to mainland UK. For Shipping to Ireland or beyond, please email [email protected] with your address for a quotation.

We have a very helpful video on pole assembly right here.

Need an inspection camera? We have a range of gutter vacuum inspection cameras here.

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