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GVS 3600 Gutter Vacuum

The GVS-36 is a powerful triple motor gutter vacuum capable of clearing domestic, commercial and some industrial gutters from 20ft-40ft and more.

This beast of an industrial machine boasts a 10,000 Lpm airflow, 100″ water lift and a large 72mm cyclonic inlet pulling in debris at high speed without blockages.

It is supplied with 5m length of 51mm diameter hose and is fully compatible with our entire range of 51mm gutter vacuum pole kits. The GVS is available to you with a choice of a one bar trolley or a two handled all terrain trolley for easy manoeuvrability across all surfaces.

GVS recommend and supply 2.5mm extension cables which are sufficient for the draw when running all three motors.  We would advise against using 1.25mm or 1.5mm extension cables when all three motors are in use.